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Bought pine pollen and it made me feel alive again

Eric Elliot

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Home » Health » Bought pine pollen and it made me feel alive again

Hey guys, perhaps I’ve annoyed some people with my zealousness about herbs and my talks about them. I just cannot help it. I research about them and when I find something that’s worth its salt, I try to make everybody know.

Recently learned something incredibly wonderful that I think I should share with you. Ancient cultures, especially the Chinese people have revered the pine tree for thousands of years, and for good reasons. Pine trees have many parts that are fit for human consumption and that can actually benefit any living thing. Everything including the needles and the seeds found in pine cones is palatable, and probably the most important in modern times is the yellow colored pine pollen that’s given off by male pine flowers.

Pine Pollen as a superfood

When spring comes, the all too common pine trees are regarded as a nuisance by many people because the trees produce the yellow powder that happens to settle on roofs, as well as cars and owners of these cars, are required to take the vehicles to the car wash to get rid of the yellow substance. These people usually do not realize that the yellow pollen powder is a natural superfood that bears very close resemblance to the human testosterone. My research has shown that pine pollen is the richest natural source of testosterone (Phyto-Androgens) that can be gotten from a plant. This is quite important because, in modern times, many people have had to deal with hormonal imbalances and increased levels of fatigue due to the taxing nature of the lives we’re living these days.

Man feeling tired

In my case, and I’m certain that you have also noticed the same in many people nowadays, I’ve tended to become overemotional and easily exhausted by things that I could handle with ease some time ago, and I believe that the change has resulted from a hormonal imbalance with too much estrogen. Whether you’re a man or woman, you’re susceptible to hormonal imbalance. I’ve been researching to find something that can balance my hormones naturally and energize my body. I found out that pine pollen helps in numerous things in our bodies including giving us energy, newness, wholeness and rebalancing hormonal levels across the gender divide. It also Increases glutathione, strengthens the Immune System, supports Healthy Joints and actually also helps against hangovers.

My daily pine pollen smoothie

So I bought pine pollen to boost my energy levels and to help me focus on my work. I have been taking this natural superfood every morning putting some in my shakes for the past ten days. Even though ten days is a relatively short term for the full effects to manifest, I have already started to experience a new me and I feel very special. I am extremely energetic these days, I am very focused on whatever I set out to do and I feel that my body is at an incredible balance. The energy and the focus I have since I started eating pine pollen is matchless. I have been able to accomplish so much in my work during the last few days with this natural ‘mental high’. Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything else that can make you ooze the levels of energy that I’ve experienced. I’m no longer overemotional and pine pollen has helped me focus on whatever I want to think despite having myriad thoughts infesting my mind. I really feel strong and fearless as the testosterone levels have balanced out.

Clearly, pine pollen is the stuff you need if you’re engaged in stressful and draining activities at work or in school, or if you’re experiencing mental attacks because it gives you incredible power and fearlessness.