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What does your dream house look like?

Eric Elliot

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Home » Random » What does your dream house look like?

Today I was talking to a friend of mine who just bought a house. Or, well… I should say; my friend, his wife and their kid bought a house. A home, really. I was happy for them.
But having followed my friend and his family, over the past few months, in their process of buying a house I have realized just what a big life decision it is. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, especially if you plan on potentially living there for the rest of your life.
It made me think. The problem with buying or building a new house is that your wants and ideas are confined, mostly by money. You can’t have mahogany furniture or a 19th-century bathtub just because you want to – you have to pick within your economic limits.
This means making smart decisions. Important decisions. Decisions that will let you have a house you can love for a very long time. We’ve all, every now and then, thought of how our perfect house would look like. But have you ever thought about your dream house in the confines of reality? It’s a challenge.


Chasing the fairytale

They say dreams keep you moving. Well, I say, move into your dream and you can rest.

A Swedish architect, named Ola Torrång, has built his own dream house in chase of fairytales. Situated outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, this beautiful concrete house is called “The Fairytale House” in local tongue. When you see it you can understand why.


The house takes inspiration from Japanese architecture and features a unique shape and structure that invites you to the story. Red tiled roof and soothing white facades, this house has an attached green house to one of its sides. Inside you will find a jungle like atmosphere (yes, in Sweden!) complete with hammock and everything. One wouldn’t mind resting one’s head there every now and then.


The rooms in the house are large and decorated in a minimalistic way that gives a feeling of zen. Add to that a funky shaped Japanese inspired bathtub where one can look out over the garden. What really puts the cherry on top is that the design maximizes the amount of light let into the house during the day. Big windows and a glass dome incorporated in the roof gives natural warmth to all corners of the house.


What’s truly inspiring about this house, though, is that the architect didn’t have a lot of capital when building it. Apart from actually building it himself, he needed to come up with smart and unique ideas that would let him get the most out of every penny. The result: living in your dream house!

If you want know more about this house or other projects from the architect, swing by UnikaStenhus – Tillverkare av betonghus for architectural inspiration.

Until next time, guys!