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Sandboxie: Run Programs in Isolation

Eric Elliot

Home » Programming » Sandboxie: Run Programs in Isolation

Sandboxie is software that lets you run programs in an isolated space. This stops them from making permanent changes to your computer.

Sandboxie Editions: Plus vs Classic

Sandboxie comes in two versions – Plus and Classic. Plus has a modern interface with more features. Classic has an older interface.

Key Features of Sandboxie Plus

Sandboxie Plus has handy features like snapshot manager, maintenance mode, privacy sandboxes, firewall, and a troubleshooting wizard. These add security and usability.

Sandboxie for Secure Web Browsing

Sandboxie isolates web browsers inside a sandbox. You can browse securely without impacting local data.

Sandboxie for Software Testing

Sandboxie’s virtual environments let you safely test untrusted software. You can try things out without messing up your system.

Project History and Timeline

Sandboxie was created in 2004 by Ronen Tzur. Since then, other companies like Invincea and Sophos have maintained it. In 2020 it went open source.

Understanding Sandboxie Architecture

Sandboxie uses isolation techniques to create secure sandboxes. These isolate programs away from permanent system changes.

Sandboxie Community and Support

As open source software, Sandboxie has an active community. They provide support and contribute capabilities.

Integrating Sandboxie into Workflows

You can incorporate Sandboxie into security and testing workflows. It adds isolation without much overhead.

The Future of Sandboxie

Sandboxie will likely expand its security and testing roles. As threats increase, isolation is a useful defense.


Sandboxie lets you browse, test software, and run programs safely. Isolation protects your system from unwanted changes. Consider Sandboxie if you need a flexible security tool.