Home » Entertainment » Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling: The pair that went down swingin’

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling: The pair that went down swingin’

Eric Elliot

Home » Entertainment » Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling: The pair that went down swingin’

rachel mcadams and ryan goslingThe story of McAdams and Gosling

Flashback to 2005. It is the MTV awards, folks. The stage is set and the die has been cast. There are hordes of A-List celebrities in the building but our eyes are pivoting to our favorite couple, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. They have just had a great on and off-screen chemistry on the Notebook, and we know that chances are that they are going to take home some cool trophy. And then the most romantic moment in TV history happens. The pair is called to the stage to receive the Best Kiss award. They literally fly to the stage, and Gosling hoists McAdams up in the air, in front of everyone, and plants a kiss on her face.

Oh, man.

It is honestly depressing to think that Hollywood’s best couple is not together anymore. Sure, Gosling and McAdams have assured us that they have since moved on to be with other people, but still, one cannot help but feel slightly nostalgic.

the notebook mcadams and gosling

The Notebook: Where it all began

Rumor has it that at the beginning of the shooting, McAdams and Gosling hated the sight of each other, couldn’t see eye to eye and even had an ‘explosive’ fight. However, it just took a little time for them to gel and after that, their chemistry was unreal. The pair dated for two years, hanging out in popular places and even stoking rumors that there was a permanent commitment in the offing. The whirlwind romance started in 2005 and ended 2 years later. Still, very much in love, the couple reconciled in 2008,dating briefly before calling it quits for good, something which broke all our hearts. Upon breaking up, Gosling put out a touching statement, calling Rachel ‘the love of her life’ and saying that people did them a ‘disservice’ assuming their love was at the same level as that of their characters in The Notebook, arguing that in real life, their romance was ‘a hell lot better’.

‘Went down swinging’

Asked what led to them splitting up, Gosling was stunningly gracious about it. His only response was that they ‘went down swinging and called it a draw’. Those on the sidelines agree that while the two showed a gentle façade on the outside, the vibe on the inside was not that great. There is the suggestion that they fell out of love towards the end and had serious fights.

After the split, the two remained friends and would act kind toward each other in public. When McAdams broke up with Michael Sheen, Gosling was there to lend a hand. In fact, so much was he there for her that the interactions caused ripples in Gosling’s own relationship with Eva Mendes.

For us ardent fans of McAdams, there will always be the feeling that the two could have done so much better. In many ways, it was a match made in heaven and we can’t all help but speculate about what could have been. Anyway, nobody knows, after all, there is still time for a reunion, we hope, but can’t put our money on it yet, at least not for the moment.