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Limitless Pendant – Seamless Ai In Your Pocket 24/7

Eric Elliot

Home » AI » Limitless Pendant – Seamless Ai In Your Pocket 24/7
Limitless AI

The era of AI wearables is upon us, with devices like Humane’s Ai Pin and Rabbit’s R1 smartphone aiming to be the next big platforms. Joining them is the Limitless Pendant – a subtle yet sophisticated AI assistant focused specifically on meetings.

Perfect timing for a launch since Marques Brownlee just broke the internet with his Humane Pin review:

The Limitless Pendant is designed by Ammunition, the studio behind Beats headphones, the Limitless Pendant has a sleek, circular form factor that clips onto clothing. With an array of microphones and 100 hour battery inside, it records meetings and conversations then uses AI to transcribe them and highlight key takeaways.

“We wanted to make this feel like something that appropriately blends in and stands out at the same time,” says Ammunition founder Robert Brunner. The resulting device looks like high-tech jewelry. An LED cues others that recording is happening.

Your Memory Assistant

Limitless CEO Dan Siroker views the pendant as a memory enhancement, helping you easily search transcripts and recall details later. He connects this to his own experience with hearing loss and technology filling in the gaps.

The goal is to let you focus on conversations without worrying about prep or follow-up. The AI handles briefing you before meetings based on context from your email, calendar, and chats. It also neatly summarizes meetings and can even suggest quick responses after the fact.

Over time, Limitless learns how you reference information and customizes summaries to your needs. Ultimately, it may evolve into a full personal assistant. But rather than overpromising, Limitless starts with meetings as its purpose.

The Next Phase of AI

While early AI wearables grab headlines with visions of smartphones and general intelligence, Limitless is focused on immediate utility. Meetings are a pain point for many professionals – improving them with AI could make the Pendant a hit.

“I hope to prove the case that you can make hardware just as efficiently as you can make software,” says Siroker. With an 8 week design timeline, Limitless shows the potential for rapid hardware development powered by AI.

The big question is whether professionals are ready to wear an always-on mic, even for more productive meetings. But for those drowning in back-to-back calls, having an AI assistant at your side may be worth it.

The Limitless Pendant is available for pre-order now at $99, shipping in August. It joins a vanguard of AI wearables that could define the next era of technology.