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Kiriko’s Voice Actor Brings Her To Life In Overwatch 2

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Home » Featured » Kiriko’s Voice Actor Brings Her To Life In Overwatch 2

Who is Kiriko?

Kiriko is the new support hero being introduced in Overwatch 2. As a ninja-like character, she has abilities to quickly teleport across the map and throw healing paper charms to restore her teammates’ health. Kiriko fills the role of a highly mobile healer who excels at evading danger.

Sally Amaki Lands The Role

The English voice behind Kiriko is provided by Sally Amaki, an American-born singer and voice actress now based in Japan. Sally has become a viral idol sensation in Japan despite originally lacking strong Japanese language skills.

Perfect Casting For Kiriko

Sally Amaki is perfect for voicing the role of Kiriko. She has experience voice acting for anime and games, being able to provide an authentic sound for Japanese characters even though English is her first language. Her fame and existing fanbase help raise awareness of Overwatch 2.

Sally’s Path To Fame In Japan

Although both of Sally’s parents are Japanese, she was raised in the United States and had limited Japanese proficiency when starting her career. She gained popularity after joining the idol group 22/7 and starring in their animation series.

Viral Success Paves The Way

A video of Sally joking around in English went viral, which led to her 22/7 character being rewritten as an English speaker. This ironic backstory of an English-speaking Japanese idol helped Sally gain uncommon popularity outside of Japan.

Experience Voicing Anime & Games

Before Overwatch 2, Sally took on voice acting roles in anime like Peach Boy Riverside and video games such as Magia Record. This built up her resume in the industry.

Kiriko Benefits From Sally’s Profile

Thanks to her viral fame and idol status, Sally Amaki arrives in Overwatch 2 with an existing fanbase. This provides a popularity boost to both the game and Kiriko as a character.

Channeling Kiriko’s Attitude

Fans have already seen Sally showcase Kiriko’s feisty personality in the Overwatch 2 trailers. Her voice acting background equips her to bring out the character’s energetic attitude.

Parallels To Sally’s Own Story

Interestingly, there are parallels between Sally’s real-world narrative and Kiriko’s character. Just as Sally herself adjusted to Japanese culture from abroad, Kiriko switches between traditional and modern looks in-game.

Japanese Voice Actor Contrast

While Sally voices the English version of Kiriko, Japanese players hear veteran voice actress Fairouz Ai Kadota instead. Fairouz is well-known for playing Jolyne Cujoh in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

With Sally Amaki’s immense talent and built-in fanbase, she is the perfect choice to bring Kiriko to life in Overwatch 2. Her innate understanding of the character combined with voice acting chops help make Kiriko a vivid and compelling hero. Players will delight in hearing Sally’s energetic performance when Overwatch 2 launches on October 4th.