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Kadence Theme for WordPress: Review and Switching Guide

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Home » Wordpress » Kadence Theme for WordPress: Review and Switching Guide

The Kadence theme stands out as a flexible, customizable WordPress theme available in free and paid versions. This guide reviews its key features, benefits, examples designs, pricing, and steps for installing and switching to Kadence.

Kadence originates from the Kadence Theme website, which also offers associated plugins, other themes, and membership options. Even the free Kadence theme provides extensive personalization beyond typical free WordPress themes.

As we head into 2023, Kadence stands out as one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes available today.

Installing Kadence Theme

Installing Kadence follows the usual WordPress theme process. First, login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes. Click “Add New” and search for “Kadence.” The theme should appear as the first result.

Select “Install,” then “Activate” once available. Kadence prompts you to install the complimentary Kadence Blocks plugin for enhanced content building. The plugin integrates directly with the theme’s settings.

Customizing Kadence Theme

The Kadence theme customization menu enables tweaking global options like:

Colors – Primary/secondary hues, background, header, footer, etc.

Typography – Font families, sizes, line heights, weights.

Header layout – Number of rows, menu style, mobile layout.

Page layout – Sidebar position, content width, archives view.

Footer layout – Number of widget areas, copyright text.

Changes automatically apply site-wide. You can further customize individual pages using the WordPress editor.

Creating Website Content with Kadence

The Kadence Blocks plugin included with the theme significantly expands design options for pages and posts. It offers rows and columns plus a variety of blocks like:

  • Accordions
  • Tabs
  • Icon lists
  • Testimonials
  • Buttons
  • Galleries

Advanced content blocks become available in the Kadence Blocks Pro version. The free plugin provides ample flexibility though.

Key Benefits of Kadence Theme

Speed – A lightweight theme created for fast loading. Important for site performance.

Header/Footer – Build completely custom headers and footers without code.

Design Control – Kadence Blocks enable complete layout flexibility.

Starter Templates – Quickly launch new pages from pre-designed layouts.

Example Website Designs with Kadence

The Kadence Theme website showcases examples of actual sites using the theme across niches like:

  • Personal blogs
  • Small business websites
  • Online stores
  • Portfolios
  • Magazines

The designs highlight the ability to realize unique visions with Kadence.

Kadence Theme Pricing

Kadence Theme

  • Free version
  • Pro version – $56/year

Kadence Blocks Plugin

  • Free version
  • Pro version – $59/year

Kadence Membership – Access to multiple themes, plugins, support.

  • $136/year
  • $480 lifetime

Making the Switch to Kadence

Follow these steps when transitioning an existing site to Kadence:

Backup your current site – Use a plugin like UpdraftPlus.

Install and activate Kadence – Add the theme and Kadence Blocks.

Customize global settings – Tailor colors, fonts, layouts.

Update individual pages – Leverage Kadence Blocks for greater design control.

Import previous theme settings – Retain non-design preferences from old theme if desired.

Pros and Cons of Kadence Theme


  • Extensive free theme customization
  • Header and footer builder
  • Design freedom with blocks
  • Good performance

Potential Cons

  • Steeper learning curve
  • Reliant on Kadence Blocks for full benefits

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Kadence WordPress theme exceeds expectations for capabilities from a free offering. Those seeking maximum control over site design should consider Kadence.

While the theme itself remains fully functional in the free version, unlocking its full potential requires using Kadence Blocks – also available free or paid. For most users the free plugins sufficiently enhance WordPress website building. Upgrading to the pro versions provides bonuses like advanced blocks, larger templates libraries, and support access.

Overall Kadence delivers a standout WordPress theme focused on flexible design. It suits creators seeking to craft customized sites versus simplistic templates. The ample options do mean a steeper learning curve than typical themes. Those willing to climb it gain significant creative control in return.