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Jojopyun: The Young Canadian Superstar Taking Over the LCS

Eric Elliot

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Home » Featured » Jojopyun: The Young Canadian Superstar Taking Over the LCS

The name Jojopyun has become synonymous with bold aggression and limitless potential in the North American League of Legends scene. Still just 18 years old, this talented Canadian mid-laner rose from solo queue stardom to become the youngest LCS champion ever in 2022.

With his flashy outplays and no shortage of confidence, Jojopyun represents a new wave of NA talent. After earning his shot in the LCS, he’s steadily developed into a bonafide star while leading Evil Geniuses back to prominence. There’s no telling just how high his ceiling could be.

Skyrocketing from Solo Queue to LCS Stardom

Jojopyun first made a name for himself in 2020 by clapping pros in solo queue games of Fortnite and League of Legends. His mechanics and instincts were clearly special. After stints in the amateur North American scene, EG coach Peter Dun took notice of this young phenom and signed him to their academy roster.

After just one year of competitive experience, Jojopyun got his chance on the big stage for the 2022 Spring Split. Some questioned EG’s decision to move on from respected veteran Jiizuke in favor of an unproven 17-year old. But right away in LCS Lock In, Jojopyun showed he could hang with the best.

He earned a reputation as an aggressive, high-risk player – which meant either hard carrying or straight up inting depending on the game. Even in an inconsistent rookie split, his raw talent was undeniable. Jojopyun topped the league in CS and gold differences at 10 minutes, playing relentless lane kingdom against every mid he faced.

Becoming the Youngest LCS Champion

Despite Jojopyun’s huge potential, EG entered the 2022 Spring Playoffs with modest expectations. Their up-and-down regular season left them in 5th place. But with their playoffs lives on the line, the rookies Jojopyun and Danny flipped a switch.

After taking defending champion 100 Thieves to the edge in a close 5 game series, EG embarked on a miracle lower bracket run. They scored back-to-back upsets over Cloud9 and Team Liquid to reach the finals against 100T.

In the rematch, Jojopyun left no doubt. He dominated his lane in all four games to complete EG’s underdog run and secure his first LCS championship at just 17 years and 6 months old. Jojopyun set a new record for the youngest player to win the esport league.

Developing into a Versatile Star

Jojopyun silenced many of his doubters with an excellent summer split follow-up. He displayed greater consistency and adaptations to his playstyle that made him more well-rounded. His champion pool expanded beyond his signature LeBlanc and other assassins to control mages like Azir and Viktor.

His stellar performances earned Jojopyun a spot on the LCS 1st All-Pro team. And though EG fell short at Worlds 2022, Jojopyun held his own against elite international competition like Scout and Chovy. After a blocked blockbuster offseason move to TSM collapsed, Jojopyun re-signed with EG and remains central to their future.

Still just 18, Jojopyun has firmly established himself as a premier LCS mid lane force. With his trash talk backed up by highlight reel plays, he’s also emerged as one of the faces of a new generation of NA stars.

Carrying on the Legacy of Great North American Mids

Jojopyun’s rapid rise to stardom conjures memories of legendary NA mids like Reginald, Hai, Pobelter, and Bjergsen. He represents a potential new era for the region after years of importing big name players.

As only the 4th North American native mid to win LCS, Jojopyun has embraced this chance to carry the torch. He also became the first Canadian mid at Worlds since bigfatlp in 2012.

With confidence beyond his years, Jojopyun hasn’t shied away from challenging his veteran rivals. After defeating Bjergsen head-to-head as a rookie, he boldly declared: “This is your GOAT??”

Leading the Evil Geniuses Resurgence

After years of mediocrity, EG has reemerged as a perennial LCS contender with Jojopyun at the helm. He’s built excellent synergy with world-class teammates Inspired and Vulcan to form a potent young core.

Jojopyun’s aggressive lane pressure and roaming often unlocks Inspired to take over games in the jungle. Vulcan has also done an excellent job guiding the young star’s development.

With Impact and Danny departing in 2023, EG will lean even more heavily on Jojopyun’s playmaking. He’s proven he can handle the responsibility, spearheading their push to reclaim the LCS throne.

The Future is Bright for Jojopyun

At just 18 years old, it’s scary to think how high Jojopyun’s ceiling could be with more experience. He’s already accomplished more than most pros do in their entire careers. Now he has the chance to establish himself as the undisputed best mid in North America.

With his mechanics and confidence, Jojopyun has the raw talent to develop into a truly elite world-class mid laner. And he’ll have the motivation of bringing greater international success to the LCS.

After years of NA relying on imports, Jojopyun represents a new hope – the chance to see a homegrown superstar lead the region back to glory at Worlds. It may be too early to call him North America’s next GOAT, but don’t bet against this special young talent writing his own legend in the LCS.