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A Crucial Piece of Info on Casino Bonuses You Need to Know

Eric Elliot

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Home » Entertainment » A Crucial Piece of Info on Casino Bonuses You Need to Know
important info regarding casino bonuses

If you’ve been playing at online casinos even for just a few days, one thing you probably couldn’t have missed is the fact that pretty much all casinos offer different bonuses to their players. There are welcome and first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses, etc. Whichever way you look at it, the world of online gambling revolves around bonuses.

On the surface, all of these offers look very similar. However, there are some very notable differences between different bonuses and I’ve only recently discovered the difference between a sticky and non-sticky casino bonus. If you like to play online, this is something you definitely need to know about.

Regular or Non-Sticky Bonuses

A majority of casino bonuses belong to the non-sticky category. What this essentially means is you get your deposit in and the casino awards the certain amount in bonus cash, for example, $100 deposit and $100 bonus for a total of $200.

You get to play with this money and try to meet the wagering requirements whatever they might be. If you succeed in meeting the playthrough, whatever amount you have in your casino account becomes 100% yours, whether you want to use it to play some more or withdraw.

Sticky (Phantom) Bonuses

Sticky bonuses make up the smaller group but they certainly exist and you’ll encounter them occasionally. To start with, they look the same like regular bonuses, and if you failed to read terms and conditions, you might not even know you’re dealing with a sticky bonus.

The main difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses is that the former can never be cashed out. For example, if you deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus, if you meet the wagering requirements, you’ll get to keep your deposit and any winnings, but the initial $100 will be removed when you initiate a withdrawal.

Should You Ever Take a Sticky Bonus?

Looking at it from a pure cash point of view, it seems like one should avoid sticky bonuses at all cost and play with casinos that let you cash out the full amount. However, there are sometimes reasons to accept sticky offers as well.

Oftentimes, these bonuses will be bigger than regular offers, so you’ll get 200%+ match on your deposit, which means you’ll have a much bigger bankroll at your disposal. While you may not be allowed to withdraw any of the bonus funds, you’ll be able to play higher than you’re used to and chase some big wins.

Additionally, since you know you can only withdraw your winnings, you’ll have every incentive to play as high as possible and really go for it. With regular bonuses, you might want to be more cautious and protect your funds. With a sticky bonus, you can go out all guns blazing and try your luck chasing that one huge win.