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Best Gaming Monitors in 2023

Eric Elliot

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Home » Technology » Best Gaming Monitors in 2023

Gaming monitors have come a long way in recent years. With major advances in display quality, refresh rates, and adaptive sync technology, today’s monitors deliver a truly immersive gaming experience. But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to decide which gaming monitor is right for you.

Today, we’ll walk you through the best gaming monitors available for your gaming set in 2023 based on our extensive testing. We’ve picked top monitors across different categories and budgets so you can find your perfect gaming display.

The Best 1440p Gaming Monitor: Dell Alienware AW2721D

If you want a balance between performance and price, a 1440p resolution gaming monitor is a sweet spot. With sharper visuals than 1080p but without the demanding rendering of 4K, 1440p looks fantastic and won’t cripple your gaming PC.

The Dell Alienware AW2721D emerged as the best 1440p gaming monitor in our testing. This 27-inch IPS panel rocks a super-smooth 240Hz refresh rate and delivers stellar out-of-the-box color accuracy. Since it’s an HDR 600 certified display, it provides better contrast and brightness than the more common HDR 400 monitors.

During our benchmarking, the AW2721D averaged under 6ms response times with barely noticeable ghosting. Thanks to the monitor’s ultra-low input lag and support for both G-Sync and FreeSync, gameplay feels snappy and responsive. The monitor also has extensive port selection with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB inputs.

If you want a reasonably priced 1440p monitor that excels at fast-paced gaming, the Dell Alienware AW2721D is a superb choice. The vivid colors and buttery-smooth motion make it one of the best high-refresh gaming monitors available.

The Best 4K Gaming Monitor: Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX

For unmatched visual splendor, a 4K resolution gaming monitor is the way to go. With four times as many pixels as 1080p, 4K gaming monitors deliver insanely sharp images. But you need serious GPU power to game smoothly at 4K.

If you have the hardware to harness it, the Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX is hands-down the best 4K gaming monitor we tested. The 32-inch Mini LED panel pumps out eye-popping image quality with searing 600+ nit brightness and phenomenal contrast thanks to 1,152 local dimming zones.

This monitor also boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, fast response times, and Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support for outrageously smooth gameplay. Out of the box, its color accuracy is near perfect with sRGB and DCI-P3 coverage over 99%.

The high price means this 4K beast isn’t for everyone. But if your rig can handle 4K gaming, the PG32UQX offers peerless visuals and buttery performance. It’s the ultimate display for 4K gaming glory.

The Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor: Dell Alienware AW3423DW

For a super immersive gaming experience, an ultrawide monitor lets you expand your peripheral vision with its extra-wide curved display. After testing the top models, Dell’s Alienware AW3423DW stood out as the best ultrawide gaming monitor available.

This 34-inch monitor is the first gaming display to use QD-OLED technology. With quantum dot nanocrystals enhancing its OLED pixels, the AW3423DW delivers outstanding contrast and richly saturated colors. It supports blistering 175Hz refresh rates at its 3440 x 1440 resolution along with speedy response times under 5ms.

During gameplay, the cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio and 1900R curve fill your vision for next-level immersion. The monitor also supports variable refresh rates up to 175Hz over HDMI and DisplayPort. Its stellar performance and reasonable price for an OLED ultrawide make the Alienware AW3423DW a phenomenal choice.

The Best 1080p Gaming Monitor: Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR

If you prefer high frame rates over visual fidelity or need a budget-friendly gaming display, a 1080p resolution monitor is ideal. For esports and competitive gaming, a 1080p model with a sky-high refresh rate gives you an advantage.

The Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR is a blazing fast 1080p monitor that’s perfect for hyper-competitive gaming. It uses a 24.5-inch Fast IPS panel with an insane 360Hz refresh rate – the highest on the market.

During fast-paced FPS gaming, the difference between 240Hz and 360Hz is noticeable, giving you an edge in reaction time. The PG259QNR also has outstanding response times under 3ms and extremely low input lag.

Out of the box, this monitor provides excellent color reproduction and accuracy when in sRGB mode. While it lacks advanced features like HDR, the PG259QNR delivers incredibly smooth 1080p gaming with eSports-ready speeds.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Monitor

With many options to pick from, choosing the best gaming monitor depends on your needs:

Resolution – Higher resolutions like 1440p and 4K look sharper but demand more GPU power. Lower resolutions like 1080p are easier to run at high frame rates.

Refresh Rate – Faster refresh rates above 100Hz provide much smoother motion clarity for gaming. For competitive play, 360Hz monitors offer the fastest response.

Adaptive Sync – G-Sync and FreeSync reduce screen tearing by matching the monitor’s refresh rate to your GPU’s frame rate output.

Panel Type – IPS panels offer the best color accuracy and viewing angles. VA panels boast superior contrast. OLED brings perfect blacks and excellent HDR.

Response Times – Lower response times reduce motion blur during fast movement. Under 5ms is ideal for gaming.

Features – Look for gaming-centric features like variable refresh rates, genre-specific display modes, and gamer-inspired designs.

Our Testing Methodology

To pick the best gaming monitors, we tested over a dozen high-end models across various criteria. Using colorimeters and proprietary tools, we measured the monitors’ color reproduction, luminance range, gamma response, and gray-to-gray pixel response times.

We also evaluated their real-world gaming performance through hours of hands-on use. Key attributes we looked for were fluid motion clarity, low input lag, and vibrant image quality. Both objective benchmarking results and subjective gameplay experience factored into our final recommendations.

Other Notable Gaming Monitors

While the monitors above are our clear top picks, a few other models stood out:

  • Gigabyte M32U – A more affordable 32-inch 4K gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rates and vibrant colors. Lacks the visual punch of Mini LED though.
  • MSI Optix MAG274QRF – This rapid IPS panel delivers superb response times and 165Hz refresh rates on a budget. Mediocre out-of-box color performance.
  • Acer Nitro XV273K – A rare 4K IPS monitor with 144Hz speeds. Solid performance for 4K gaming but limited brightness and HDR.

Final Thoughts

The best gaming monitors balance speed, visuals, and features to deliver super-smooth immersive gameplay. After extensive testing, our top recommendations provide an excellent mixture of gaming performance, image quality, and value across various budgets. Just pick the monitor with the right attributes for your favorite games and hardware. Then gear up for truly next-level gaming.