About Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott is a veteran of JavaScript application development. He has served as Computer Scientist for the Adobe Creative Cloud team, JavaScript Lead at Tout (social video), head of client side architecture at Zumba Fitness (the leading global fitness brand), author, public speaker, UX consultant, and viral application consultant. He lives in the San Francisco bay area with the most beautiful woman in the world.

Like this blog? Buy the book! “Programming JavaScript Applications” (O’Reilly).

  1. Tonya Thomas - October 11, 2012

    So excited for Programming JavaScript Applications! dilvie

  2. Eric Ziko - February 23, 2013

    Your blog is awesome!

  3. Jeez. Day after I publish my book I see your talk. Wondering if everything I said was wrong, I watch.


    How do I send you a PDF copy? JavaScript Inheritance and Object Programming. The Object Programming part explains what you called “freedom” in JS. You’ll like having a name for it.

    • Eric Elliott - July 31, 2013

      You can send it to eric at.. well. You’re at the domain now. I’ll let you figure out the rest so the spam bots don’t descend. =)

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