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I just finished a book called “Programming JavaScript Applications” published by O’Reilly, and with your help, we’re going to create a series of courses to go along with it. The “Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott” series is a collection of courses with one purpose: To give you the skills you need to land some of the best jobs in the world. Very soon, I’m going to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

You’re invited to join the “Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott” Course prelaunch community this week only. As a prelaunch member, you’ll get access to the first course free, and you’ll be the first to know when the Kickstarter campaign launches. When you support the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get the reward you sign up for, plus one more course at no cost.

Kyle Simpson, author of the groundbreaking “You Don’t Know JS” O’Reilly series got a sneak peek at some course materials. Here’s what he has to say:

“Eric offers high quality, professional-level training materials, exercises and video teaching. If you’re looking to interactively learn JavaScript online and up your skills, there’s just no better course set you will find than this one!” – Kyle Simpson, Author, “You Don’t Know JS” (O’Reilly)

Five Great Reasons to Take These Courses

Learn from a pro who builds apps with millions of users.

15 years of application development experience in JavaScript, O’Reilly author, pubilc speaker. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade used in real production applications.

Learn how JavaScript is different, and how to make those differences work for you.

Get deep insight into what makes JavaScript uniquely qualified to be the defacto programming launguage of the web.

Learn best practices and timeless software strategies while you master the essentials.

Unlike most JavaScript courses, every word is crafted to teach you the skills you need to build robust applications from the ground up. Don’t just learn the language. Learn how to use it well.

Dive deeper with the official textbook, “Programming JavaScript Applications”.

These courses are designed to give beginners a head start, but regardless of your experience, there’s plenty more to learn.

Get hands-on experience with extensive self-grading exercises.

The best way to learn is by doing. These courses are packed with exercises that will let you practice all the concepts as they’re being taught, so you won’t just be reading about them, or listening to a lecture, you’ll be coding for yourself and getting realtime feedback on your solutions. When you’re done, you won’t just have book knowledge, you’ll have practiced skills.

Course Materials

Course videos and student message board

The home for these courses is Udemy. Aside from this free course, access to the materials on Udemy costs money — but I assure you, it’s well worth it. That money buys access to the course video content and student message boards.

The video lectures use learning aids like storytelling and illustrations to impart wisdom and experience that you won’t be able to pick up from the GitHub and book text alone. I’ll challenge you to think about problems differently, and mentor you on your journey to JavaScript mastery.


The official textbook for these courses is “Programming JavaScript Applications” (O’Reilly), written by me. It is also available online.


Course materials and exercises can be found on GitHub. The exercises are self-grading using unit tests designed to get you into the habit of having tests for your code — a very valuable developer job skill.

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  1. Patryk - June 19, 2014

    Any news about course start?

  2. Hey sir, I hope all is well.
    I wanted to say thanks for your new book, I’m reading it via our corporate Safari Online acct.

    I know I’m still a JS noob…
    I noticed you mentioned “Eloquent Javascript”…
    My question is: have you read “Effective Javascript” by Dave Herman, and if true, what are your ideas on it?

    • Eric Elliott - July 2, 2014

      I haven’t read it, yet, but it sounds like a good book.

  3. Does your book and your series teach without going into your stampIt library? I like learning from you, but once you start using your “stampIt” library, I tune out. I want to learn JS, not your library implementations. I want to know why, how you would write stampIt…. not to just use a shortcut. Get my drift?

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