Stampit 1.0 Release Candidate

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Stampit 0.7.0 is here, and it marks the first (and hopefully only) candidate for the 1.0 release. I can’t recall if we’ve ever made any breaking changes, but as of 1.0, I guarantee there won’t be any breaking changes for a really long time (probably never).

Stampit can be used standalone in browsers, with Node, AMD, and Bower. I’d welcome a pull request if somebody wants to contribute one for Component.

Stampit allows you to create objects from reusable, composable behaviors. A stamp is a factory function which has public properties that specify a delegate prototype, default instance state, and a function that sets up encapsulation for object instances. Stamps utilize three different types of inheritance to create the new object:

  • Delegate prototype – Delegation / Differential Inheritance
  • Instance state – Cloning / Concatenative Inheritance / Mixins
  • Encapsulation – Functional Inheritance

To learn more about Stampit, read Prototypal Inheritance with Stamps, or watch Classical Inheritance is Obsolete: How to Think in Prototypal OO.

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