Static Types are Overrated: The Dynamic Duo – Loose Types and Object Extension

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You’ve heard it a million times. People claim that JavaScript isn’t up to the task of building large scale applications because it’s missing static types. In other words, JavaScript doesn’t do any type definition or checking prior to runtime. Instead, types are inferred at runtime, and the type of any variable can change during runtime. People who are accustomed to declaring types and having types checked for them consider this a weakness, and believe that JavaScript can’t possibly be counted on for large applications. I have some news for you: thousands of the top tech firms have built tens of thousands of large applications with JavaScript running the show end-to-end.

I’ll be giving a talk at the O’Reilly Fluent: The Web Platform conference at 3:00pm Wednesday, 03/12/2014 (in Salon 8), to discuss how JavaScript’s type system is actually a huge asset to application developers. How it can save you time, and actually improve your code quality and code reuse patterns.

If you haven’t yet, register now.

The talk will go into detail about:

  • How loose typing makes generic functions easier
  • How generic functions are better for code reuse and functional programming
  • How object extension makes inheritance easier

  1. Simply, cannot wait to see you there. Extensibility – for the win. +1.

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